Thursday, December 16, 2010

Walgreens 12/16

This trip to Walgreens was to pickup a few things just to use up my SJC before they expired. I am teaching some coupon workshops in January so I am stockpiling my giveaways. I also wanted to try some of the Zarbee Cough syrup so I picked some up. I was in and out of the store in 15 minutes, none of my coupons beeped and the associate was very polite. All of these things are rare occurences at Walgreens. So what did I get: 2 Bags of Butterfinger Jingles- stocking stuffers, 2 Olay Body Wash, 1 pack of Goody Hair Ties, 1 Zarbee Cough syrup. My total was $26.45 before coupons, after coupons it was $18.00 I used my $10 SJC from last week leaving me to pay $8.03 OOP. I got back $6.00 in JC so $2.03 for over $26.00 worth of goodies.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Rite Aid 12/9

So this week I did not really need much but I had some Up rewards that were about to expire so I headed out to the store. I picked up 2 boxes of glad trash bags, 1 pack of 12 roll toilet paper, and 1 pack of 8 roll paper towels, and a bottle of water. Before coupons my total was $26.00. I used a combination of coupons, ad perk videos and UP rewards and paid only $1.99. I got back $3.00 in UP rewards which I will be using this week.

Threw away money

I am so frustrated today. I cleaned out my coupon binder and purse on Friday. Today I was reading info on different sites and learned that Rite Aid has changed their Gift of Savings promotion. I threw away my receipts on Friday so I missed out my opportunity to get my $20.00 gift certificate. I am thinking I might still have time to get it in before the end of the month but I am going to have to do some serious shopping and planning. I am very limited on fun money now that I am going to be starting the new year without a job. Oh well.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Success at Home Depot

Joshua decided that today was going to be the day to get all the little projects done on his "to do" list. So he made a list of things he needed at Home Depot and set out on his way. On his list was light bulbs. He purchased 16 light bulbs for $2.79. I think every light in our house was replaced today. Yeah. I am so excited to have a light in my closet again . Thanks Honey!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


This morning on the way to school with JD, we decided to get a little more of our Christmas shopping done. I knew exactly what I wanted to get and I have not been able to find coupons for the items so I left my coupon bag in the car. JD and I were walking across the parking lot, when he screamed... "Mommy your upon book." (He never says the q sound") I told him it was okay because I did not have any coupons for the things we were getting but that answer was not good enough for him. He told me I needed it in case I saw something else I needed. I finally convinced JD that I had a very short list and we would only get what was on the list. He accepted that answer finally. So we went through the store got our items, all of them... (thanks to the stock people who went to the back to find the Toy Story Mr. Potato Head) and made our way to the front. We checked out, staying under out budget and started heading out the door. When the cashier gave me our receipt, he handed me a catalina for $5.00 next purchase. I remembered that I had one of these catalinas from another trip so I started hunting through my purse to find it. JD asked what I was doing and I told him that I had forgotten to use a coupon so I was searching in my purse for it.  I handed the catalina to the manager at customer service, and she handed me cash back for my forgotten catalina. I was very excited that Target did not give me a hard time. As we were walking out to the car, JD informed me that I should have put the catalina in the coupon book so I could find it next time. I guess I should take his advice. It would have been easier to find than in my purse! Oh well!

Wags 11-29

My trip to Walgreens on November 29th was a very successful trip for some baking neccessities. I was not really planning on going to Walgreens this week, because I have not had much success but I decided to try anyway. Joshua had gone early in the morning to Walgreens to get some pictures developed and brought home a Register Reward for $3.00 off $15. I had a $5.00 RR from last week so I tried my luck. I purchased
4 boxes of confectioners sugar * .69 each
2 bottles of Welch's sparkling Grape Juice $3.50 each
1 pack of Huggie Wipes $2.99
1 box of Granola Bars $2.50
1 box of Oatmeal $2.50.
My total before tax was $15.78. I used by RR for $3.00/$15 first then the $5 RR. After a variety of coupons used my total was $2.82.oop. I received a RR for $2.00 so basically that trip costed my $.82.

I have plans to return on Wednesday using my 15% shopping pass and purchasing the Melatonin that goes on sale on Wednesday. All in All I had a very good trip to WAGS. 

My First Blog attempt

You are reading my official blog. I have never been a great writer but who cares! This site will be where I post all my details to coupon trips and pictures. I am excited to take my technology skills to a new level. I hope you enjoy the details and good luck on your couponning adventures!