Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wags 11-29

My trip to Walgreens on November 29th was a very successful trip for some baking neccessities. I was not really planning on going to Walgreens this week, because I have not had much success but I decided to try anyway. Joshua had gone early in the morning to Walgreens to get some pictures developed and brought home a Register Reward for $3.00 off $15. I had a $5.00 RR from last week so I tried my luck. I purchased
4 boxes of confectioners sugar * .69 each
2 bottles of Welch's sparkling Grape Juice $3.50 each
1 pack of Huggie Wipes $2.99
1 box of Granola Bars $2.50
1 box of Oatmeal $2.50.
My total before tax was $15.78. I used by RR for $3.00/$15 first then the $5 RR. After a variety of coupons used my total was $2.82.oop. I received a RR for $2.00 so basically that trip costed my $.82.

I have plans to return on Wednesday using my 15% shopping pass and purchasing the Melatonin that goes on sale on Wednesday. All in All I had a very good trip to WAGS. 

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