Thursday, October 13, 2011

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Today I picked up some stocking stuffers and Operation Christmas Child items. At Target, I found shampoo and candles on clearance. I found 3 great toys for the stockings and I am hoping to find a good hiding spot for them until Christmas. Here is what I found:

1 Glade Candle- $2.54 used $2.00 off coupon
4 Dove Shampoos- $.84 each, I used 2 B1G1 and 2 $.75 off
4 3ring binders- $.99 each, which I will use for my coupon class this Saturday.
1 My Little Pony- $5.04, I used $5.00 store coupon
1 Transformer- $9.99 used $5.00 store mobile coupon and $5.00 printable
1 Strawberry Shortcake- $5.00 used 20% off printable store coupon

Total out of pocket was $10.12.  

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

CVS Holiday Gift Card Promotion Beginning 10/16

CVS heard how much you loved the Gas gift card promotion they ran all summer that they are bringing out a new gift card promotion with a number of stores gift cards available!
Starting this Sunday, October 16 through December 25, 2011, you can earn $10 gift cards to Macy’s, Gap, Applebee’s, Shell Stations, American Express, Barnes & Noble or CVS every week simply by spending $30 on products clearly marked as part of the “Earn Free Gift Cards” promotion.  You will find participating items from all over the store marked in the weekly ad and in-store.
A few tips:
  • Purchase $30 in participating items before coupons.
  • You can only earn one gift card per week.
  • Purchases towards the promotion do not carry over, so make sure you finish getting your $30 in participating items each week.
  • CVS gift cards are included… awesome!
The best part? You can choose from the participating gift cards and then decide for yourself if you want to keep the gift cards you get back, or use them as gifts for friends and family for birthdays, special occasions or the holidays as we get closer to that time of year.

Free Razors

At CVS this week I bought:

2 Gillette Razors at $10.49 each
1 Gillette RAzor blade @ $15.49

Total was $37.19
I used 3 $5/1 Gillette Razor
and $19.00 in ECBS

I paid $4.53 oop and got back $10 in ECBS.

So excited to have this towards the new Christmas Gift Card program at CVS next week.

All this for less than a Caramel Latte

At Rite Aid this week I bought:
(4) Rite Aid Regular Hand Sanitizer $1 Limit 4(1) Preparation H Totable Wipes, 10 ct., $3 Limit 1(1) Cepacol Sore Throat Lozenges $2.50 Limit 1(1) Hylands Cough Syrup $5 Limit 1(1) Chloraseptic Sore Throat Spray, 6 oz, or Lozenges, 15-18 ct., $3.99 Limit 1Use:
I used $15.00 in UPS from last week
 Total Due: $2.65
Get Back: $17.50+UP ($1, $1, $1, $1, $3, $2.50, $5, $3)
  • Transaction #2Buy:
    (2) Colgate Optic White Toothpaste or Manual Toothbrush $3.99 ea. Limit 4Zarbee’s All Natural Children’ Cough Syrup, 4 oz, $5.99
    (2) John Frieda Root Awakening $5 Limit 2(2) Snickers Fun Size Candy $2 ea. Limit 1Use:
    Manufacturer Coupon (2) -$1 off Colgate Optic White toothpaste, September Allure, October All You or printable
    Manufacturer Coupon (2) -$2 off John Frieda Root Awakening product, excl trial size, SS 10/09
    Manufacturer Coupon (1) -$1.50/2 Mars Snickers, Milky Way, Twix or 3 Musketeers fun size bags, October All You magazine 
    -$17.50 +UP from Transaction #1
    Total Due: $Get Back: $12 +UP ($6, $5, $1) and $9.48 in SCR (#33 & 46)
  • Sunday, September 25, 2011

    CVS paid me to shop!

    Today was a simple trip. I went to get contact solution and ended up getting a few more things. I started with $7.00 ecbs from last week, so here is how I spent them:

    First I scanned my card and received a $2.00 m&m coupon.
    1 renu contact solution $8.99
    1 peanut m&m $3.99
    1 schick razor $8.99

    I used 1 $1.00 m&m
    1$5/1 schick
    1 $2/1 store coupon for m&m
    I used $4.00 ecbs and paid $3.10 oop.

    I got back $11 and had $3 ebb from last week left. So I made $11 this week.

    Thursday, September 22, 2011

    another trip to Rite Aid

    2 packs of Huggies $9.99
    2 packs of Huggie Wipes $6.99
    2 packs of Kleenex $2.00
    2 packs of Cottonelle wipes $2.00
    1 pack of Scott Toilet paper $7.99

    Total after taxes was $54.20
    I used $11 Up from last week plus
    2 $3/1 Huggie Diapers
    1 $1.50/2 Wipes
    2 $.50/1 Kleenex
    2 $1/1 Wipes
    1 $1/1 Scottt

    After Coupons I spent $31.70 and got back $20 in UP

    All in All total was $11.70! Not the best trip but fairly good.

    Sunday, September 4, 2011

    Cheap chex mix

    Since we were headed out to town for the long weekend and needed easy snacks for the car, I made a trip to publix for snacks. I bought:
    2 bags of bugles. $1.30 each
    3 bags of chex mix. S1.30 each
    1 pack of pampers wipes $2.99
    1 coke zero. $1.59

    I used 2 .50/1 bugles
    2 .50/1 chex mix
    1 .50/2 chex mix
    1 1/1 pampers wipes store coupon
    1 1/1 pampers wipes.

    Total out of pocket was $4.37 and I saved $13.45

    $.13 for all this

    Today's trip was a great one. I really went for diapers but I came home with more. I bought:
    2 herbal essence shampoo $6.00
    1 huggies $8.99
    2 tomato sauce .25
    1 crest toothpaste $3.99
    1 crest tooth brush $3.99
    3 mento gum $.42 each
    1 mitchum deodorant $2.99

    I used 2 1/1 aussie
    1/1 mentos
    3/1 huggies
    1/1 toothpaste
    1/1 toothbrush
    1/1 Mitchum

    I had $20 in rr that I used. I paid $.13 out of pocket and got back $10 rr.

    Friday, May 13, 2011

    a crazy trip to RiteAid

    This trip was a great donations.
    1 Aveeno Lotion $6.49
    1 Aveeno Lotion $5.49
    1 Carefree $1.00
    1 Viactiv $6.00
    1 Gasx $4.99
    1 Maalox $4.99
    1 Aveeno Lotion $16.99 (I did not notice this until after I checked out, so I returned it but still got the up rewards.)
    1 Aveeno Lotion $1.74

    I used
    3 3/15  survey coupons
    6 up rewards
    3 1.00 off Aveeno
    1 $1.00 off Gax x
    1 $1.00 off Maalox
    2 $3.00 off Aveeno

    I paid 23.65 out of pocket for this transaction. I got back $12.00 up rewards, I returned the Aveeno lotion that $16.99 so with tax I got back $18.01
    I also got a survey on my receipt

    In the end, I made $9.35 from this trip.

    Free Melatonin

    JD takes Melatonin daily so finding it on sale is always a great deal for me. This week CVS had it on sale with a $2.00 ECB. The CRT machine was giving $1.50 off $5.00 vitamins.

    I had ECBs from last week, so I bought 1 Melatonin, 1 bag of popcorn and 1 bottled water.
    I used $1.50 coupon, $1.00 manufacturer coupon and $5.00 ECB from last week. I paid $.66 oop and I got back $2.00 ECB.

    Raincheck Purchase

    Today I went to Rite Aid to get the Tylenol Precise patches. Of course they were out, so I tried something new that I had heard about. I purchased the Tylenol Precise and used my coupons. I got a raincheck to come back to pickup the items and my coupons will not expire this way. I even got an UP reward.

    6 Tylenol precise patches $5.00
    I used 6 $5.00 off Tylenol coupons.

    I paid $2.10 in taxes and got back $10.00 UP reward and a survey. I will go on Wednesday and pickup the items.

    Wednesday, May 4, 2011

    $61.62 for $3.25

    Tonight's trip had an audience. Two ladies from my class went with me to get our items on the shopping list. We bought:
    1 Reese Peanut Butter Egg $.044
    1 Dawn $.99
    2 Gillette Fusion Razors $9.99
    2 100 Grand Bars $.50
    2 Butterfingers $.50
    2 Revlon nail files $1.47
    2 Revlon Twizzers $1.47
    1 Excedrin Migraine $1.99
    1Venus Breeze $9.99
    1 Venus Breeze $4.99
    1 Olay Dual Cleanser $7.99
    1 Olay Daily Cleanser $3.99
    1 Cherry Cordial $.33
    Total after tax was 61.62
    I used the following coupons:
    1 $4 off Gillette
    1 $5 off Gillette
    2 $1 off Butterfingers
    1 .50 off Dawn
    1 2.50 off Excedrin (this was modified to 1.99)
    2 $5 off olay facial moisturizer
    2 $2 off Venus
    1 $2 Revlon nail care
    2 3off 15 Survey coupons
    and $20.88 in UP rewards from last week.

    I paid $3.25 out of pocket and got back $21 in UP rewards.

    Wednesday, April 27, 2011

    $ 24.88 in Ups plus cash back

    Wow what a trip I had to Rite Aid this week. I went last night on my way from school and scored all the deals I was looking for! This trip was a little complicated for the cashier but I was patient and made sure I got all my UP rewards.

    I bought:
    2 Arm and Hammer Spinbrush $2.24( on clearance, sign said $8.99 but sale was b1g1)
    1 orajel pain relief $7.99
    1 snickers $.88
    1 Orajel toddler toothpaste $3.99
    4 Thermacare $6.99
    Total before coupons $57.61

    I used 1/$1.00 orajel, 2- $3.00/wyb $15.00 survey coupons, 1/$4.00 arm and hammer, 2 $2.00 off arm and hammer, 2 $3.00 thermacare, 1 $3/wyb2 thermacare, $2.00 go green video coupon, and $22.00 in Up Rewards.

    For this trip I paid $3.63 oop and got back 18.00 in UP rewards! The UP reward for the Arm and Hammer did not print. I purchased everything I needed for it, so the cashier gave me $5.00 in cash back, so I got back my $3.63 I spent. I also got a survey coupon on my first receipt and then on the receipt that printed with the cash back, I got another one. So that is $6.00 more dollars in store credit. I am at $24.88 in UP rewards!

    Great thing about this trip is that I have another coupon for $3.00 off 2 Thermacare, I found today so I am heading back to Rite Aid to see if they will give me the POST Coupon $3.00! I hope so!

    CVS paid me $2.88 to shop

    This week's trip to CVS was to gather items for my classes next week.

    1 Clean & Clear $5.49
    1 Clean & Clear $7.99
    1 Clean & Clear $6.89
    1 Clean & Clear $5.49
    1 Blink tears $7.99

    I used 1 B1G1 Clean and Clear, 2 $1.00 off Clean and Clear, plus $14.97 in ECBs from last week.

    I paid $10.11 oop and got back $12.99 in ECB's... not too bad considering I forgot to use my other B1G1 clean and clear.

    Friday, April 15, 2011

    $.75 boxes of cereal

    Today I took advantage of the cereal deal at Kroger.
    1 Trix- $2.79
    1 Lucky Charms- $2.79
    1 Chocolate cheerios- $2.79
    1 Cinnamon Cheerios- $2.79
    1 Cinnamon Toast Crunch $2.79

    Total before coupons $13.95 plus tax
    I used $4/4 GM cereal, $2/5 and $.50/2 Cheerios
    Total out of pocket was 8.76, got back $5.00 gift card so in the end $3.76 for 5 boxes of cereal. All of which will be donated to Jewel's class for morning snacktime. :)

    Tuesday, April 12, 2011

    CVS paid me to shop!

    Today I went to CVS and purchased a few things for my upcoming coupon class. Here is what I bought:                 

    2 AirWick Starters
    2 AirWick Refills
    1 Biore Mask
    1 Biore Strips
    1 Gain Dish Soap
    1 Coke
    1 Super Bubbles

    I used 2 $4.00 off Airwick, 1 Airwick B1G1, 1 Biore B1G1, 1 $1.00 of Gain and a CRT for $4.00 off $20.00. I also used my $10 ECB from last week.

    After coupons and ECBs used my total was $2.31 but $1.69 was a coke!
    I got back $17.99 in ECBs

    Tuesday, March 22, 2011

    Scored a deal

    This week's up rewards are offered on Razors so I stocked up on razors. I got 3 of them from the aisle with the razors and then noticed some more on the endcap in a kit with shave gel for the same price. I grabbed 3 of them and all my other things and headed to the cashier. We tried the Razor kits first and it triggered the Up rewards! I was so excited. My transactions looked like this:

    1: 3 Razors- 9.99 each
    used 3 $4.00 off
    Made my total $24.00oop recieved $10Up

    2: 2 Spray N Wash 1.99 each
    2 snickers .50 each
    1 Veet 6.49
    3 Old Spice Deodorants
    3 Old Spice Body Wash
    2 Playtex Feminine Products

    Coupons used,
    2 $1.00 off Spray N wash
    3.00 off Veet printable
    3.00 off Veet Ad coupon
    3 B1g1 Old Spice
    3 1 wyb 2 Old Spice
    2.00  off Playtex
    2.50 off wyb 2 Playtex

    My total was $26.00 after coupons. I used $10 Up from Trans 1, and $16up from last week.
    I got back $8Up and have 1 left from last week.

    Monday, March 14, 2011

    CVS 3-13

    I went to CVS only to get Jayce diapers but came home with much more than planned. This week's ad was pretty good for stocking up on diapers, paper towels and toilet paper. I had to make a mental note to never go back to CVS on Sunday night. There were 8 crazy coupon ladies out with their binders and vengence to get the good stuff. Good thing CVS has put limits on how many things you can get at a time. :) I did two seperate transactions and here is what I got:

    Transaction 1:
    2 Puffs plus tissues  S1.50 each
    1 Aussie Mousse    $2.99 each
    1 Aussie Hairspray $2.99 each
    1 Charmin 16 rolls $10.00 each
    1 Bounty 12 rolls  $13.00 each
    1 Crest toothpaste $3.49 each
    1 Gain dish detergent  $.97 each

    Total before coupons and tax $36.44
    I used 1 $.50/2 puffs
    $1.00 off charmin
    $1.00 off Aussie
    $1.00 off Bounty
    $1.00 off Crest
    $1.00 off Gain
    $10 ECB from last week

    Total oop was $23.48 but I got back ECBS for $10, $2.50 and $2.00

    Transactions 2:
    1 Case Pampers $20.00
    2 CVS wipes $5.00

    I used 1 $2.00 off Pampers and all the ECBS from transaction 1. My total oop was $10.25 and received $10.00 ECB

    So all in all not a bad trip. $23.73 for all that stuff. :)

    Tuesday, February 8, 2011

    Another FREE Trip to Riteaid

    Being so close to the Winter Rewards goal, I headed to Rite Aid last night. I had $26 in UP rewards that was about to expire so I cashed them in on all the SCR products for the week. What a fabulous trip I had!
    1 Cold Calm, 1 Oscillococcinum for adults and one for kids, 1 cold calm for kids, 1 chestal for kids, 2 halls, 2 flavor grove almonds, and 1 Combo.

    Total before Coupons $63.93
    After coupons $9.87
    I received $22 in up rewards and had 10 from last week I did not use.
    I will submit for SCR for $38.00, added to the $10.99 I got last week.
    I am looking at a check for at least $48.99 from Rite Aid.

    So far this year I have spent $10.72 and received over $70 in Up rewards and $48 in SCR.

    Fabulous trip to Walgreens

    Today I had a few minutes to do my $5.00 challenge so I headed to Walgreens. I purchased 2 Packs of Huggies, 3 Huggies wipes, 3 Neutrogena eyeshadows, 1 Neutrogena lipstick, 5 fullsize candy bars and a large bag of Reese's pieces.

    MY total before coupons was $62.49. After coupons total was $4.54. So oop I paid $4.54 for everything and received $5.00 in RR. All in all I made $.49 on this trip! YEAH!!!!!

    Monday, January 17, 2011

    Rite Aid 1/14/11

    This trip because I wanted to try and reach my Resolution Reward goal so I picked up a few more things.
    2 stayfree, 1 reach floss, 2 reach toothbrushes, 1 NYC lip gloss, 2 Covergirl Lipstick, 1 Breathe Right, 1 Precise Heat Patch.

    Before coupons $51.92

    After Coupons $3.42

    earned $14.00 Up Rewards and $23.03 towards Resolution Rewards.

    snow day trip to Rite Aid

    After being iced in for a few days, it was time for an outing. The kids, Joshua and I were all going crazy being cooped up in the house so we headed to Rite Aid. This was Joshua's first trip couponing with me. He was very patient and observed as I piled the goodies into our buggy. It was at time the time of checkout that he began to get a little nervous. He started sweating a little when he saw the total hit over $100 and we were only half finished. I reassured him that we were not going to pay that and he watched as the total went way down after coupons. Here is what we bought: 1 huggies, 2 stayfree, 3 clean and clear, 2 Aveeno lotions, 1 Reach Floss, 2 Reach toothbrushes, 1 Excedrin, 2 Maalox, 1 Breathe Right, 2 Precise  Heat Patch.

    Total before Coupons: $100.82

    Total after Coupons: $16.84
    Submitted for $7.99 Single Check Rebate, And $2.00 Single Check Rebate. Received $24.00 in Up Rewards and earned $15.98 towards Resolution Rewards!