Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Another FREE Trip to Riteaid

Being so close to the Winter Rewards goal, I headed to Rite Aid last night. I had $26 in UP rewards that was about to expire so I cashed them in on all the SCR products for the week. What a fabulous trip I had!
1 Cold Calm, 1 Oscillococcinum for adults and one for kids, 1 cold calm for kids, 1 chestal for kids, 2 halls, 2 flavor grove almonds, and 1 Combo.

Total before Coupons $63.93
After coupons $9.87
I received $22 in up rewards and had 10 from last week I did not use.
I will submit for SCR for $38.00, added to the $10.99 I got last week.
I am looking at a check for at least $48.99 from Rite Aid.

So far this year I have spent $10.72 and received over $70 in Up rewards and $48 in SCR.

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